Schullandwoche 2ab

Schullandwoche 2ab

In our English lesson we tould our teacher what we did in our summer camp.

We went by train to Carinthia. The capital city is Klagenfurt, the largest river is the Drau. We stayed in St Oswald near Villach. We went hiking and saw a lizard without a tail. Can rescued a frog. It was very dry and he threw it back in the water. Some girls rolled down a mountain. One night we walked through the forest with torches. Mimi ate so much that she got a big belly. Ulci hid in a cupboard. He lost his charger of the cell phone. We also had some secret loves- I can not tell about. At night we made a log fire and grilled pizza bread.  We had a very good time in Carinthia.


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